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  • Program production
  • Understanding the customer's functional requirements for equipment and technical specifications, technical feasibility analysis and implementation. From nature, reliability, economy and other aspects of equipment selection considering the best cost-effect
  • software
  • All kinds of non-standard automatic machine programming, including: 1.PLC program design; 2. Touch screen programming; 3. Intelligent CCD program design; 4. PC BASE-based vision systems software design; 4.4 axis / 6-axis robot programming (
  • Mechanical Design
  • We design non-standard automation machines based on customer needs
  • Electric
  • Various non-standard automation machinery all electrical design, including: 1. Selection of electrical components and electrical components BOM; 2. Electrical schematics; 3. Electrical layout; 4. Electrical wiring diagram; 5. Electrical cab
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